This is the Factory Tuned version of the Mibro. A high-performance model we designed it for extreme all-terrain and all-mountain riding. We gave it taller, harder and more rigid knobs for better hard-pack performance and adjusted the knob angles for enhanced abrasion resistance, grip and braking performance.

Improved Mibro-X Technology for All-Mountain Riding

Improved Center Knobs

We made the center knobs wider for increased grip over rocks and gave them stiffer edges to better handle abrasive surfaces.

Side Knurling Prevents Slippage

A distinctive knurling patter along the shoulders is designed to increase traction when cornering.

Balanced Knob Design and Rigidity

We fine-tuned the surface rigidity of the side and outer knobs to take advantage of the siping and improve the grip between the tire and the trail surface.

Extraordinary Gap Pitch Alignment

The center, side and outer knobs are in just the right balanced pitch, resulting in a remarkably angled gap-pitch pattern. This gap pitch increases the control of various load vectors, acceleration and deceleration.

Pinch-Flat Resistance System

Need description here.

N10166 26"x2.25" ARAMID 40–60 875g
N10167 26"x2.4" ARAMID 40–50 770g

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