Serac XC

An excellent, all-round, cross-country race tire suited to dry conditions, the Serac XC is one of our most popular tires. Tightly spaced and ramped knobs arranged in a modified chevron pattern provide fast-rolling traction. Suitable for front and rear use.

Hybrid Tread Compound

The inner and outer tread blocks are designed to perform different tasks. To that end, we developed specific rubber compounds allowing these blocks to perform even better. One is a cornering-specific compound used for the outer blacks. The second is a harder compound used for the center tread. The result is a super-fast tire custom tuned for stable cornering and increased traction.

N10147 26"x1.95" ARAMID 40–60 565g
N10148 26"x2.10" ARAMID 40–60 620g
N10242 27.5"x2.25" ARAMID 40–45 690g
N10190 29"x2.10" ARAMID 40–60 720g

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