Email Scam Warning

[Caution] Business Email Compromise (BEC) using our company name

We have confirmed some spearphishing emails considered as BEC using our company name "INOUE RUBBER CO., LTD." and employees who exist in a deceptive way.

Please be aware that we, INOUE RUBBER CO., LTD. and our employees, are in no way involved with these emails, and we strongly suggest that you carefully examine the email address you received and delete the unknown emails.

(We NEVER send our invoices by emails in any case.)

Please do not reply to, do not click and do not open anything in such emails asking you to reply, update or verify your information. The reply, clicking or open could give a scammer your material information including passwords or personal information to carry out the BEC schemes as well as phishing.

If you or your company fall victim to a scam, please contact your local authorities handling such cases (ex. police force) immediately.