IRC Formula Pro: Just Ride


Just Ride

Formula Pro Tubeless Light

Light: A Tubeless Game-CHanger

Don’t let the name fool you. The Formula Pro Tubeless Light is a strong and fast tire. It is IRC’s fastest road tubeless tire. A wider cross-sectional shape provides improved rolling resistance. This tire is designed for high-speed riding.


Formula Pro Tubeless RBCC

RBCC: SUperior GRIP under any road condition

The outer husk of an individual rice grain is ground into a fine powder, mixed with a thermosetting resin, and then super-heated. Once cooled, the block is pulverized to create millions of porous, ball-shaped structures with semi-rigid fingers extending in all directions. These Rice Bran Ceramic orbs are then kneaded with the rubber and molded into tires. The spikes, which extend out from the RBC, reach out and grab the uneven road surface for increased traction, while the pores wick water from the road surface to maximize tire-to-road contact.


Formula Pro Tubeless X-Guard

X-Guard: Puncture Protection

With an extra-wide tread and a new puncture-resistant belt, the Formula Pro Tubeless X-Guard is the toughest tire in the Formula Pro line. The X-Guard Belt++ covers the tire sidewall from bead to bead with a 40x40 TPI anti-puncture protection barrier. This tire dares you to test the cobbles.  


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