They rip the hardpack like a semi-slick but link up in chunky stuff like a MTB tire. Simply put, the best shoes for my bike yet. —Peter Stetina

These are the best of both worlds for the road and the dirt —Kathy Pruitt

Doublecross 700x42

Designed for the rigors of events like DK200, the 42mm Doublecross has the volume and bite to handle any chunky terrain while rolling extremely fast on hardpack and tarmac. The center tread has been slightly opened up to provide more grip and bite than its 38mm little brother.

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Doublecross 700x38

As light as our Boken 700x36, but with more bite and volume. The Doublecross 700x38 is sure to be an all-around favorite for fast all-surface gravel. The center tread has been subtly tuned to eke out a little bit more speed than its 42mm brother.

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Doublecross 700x33

The tread on the 33mm Doublecross has been optimised for traction. An abundance of evenly-spaced small blocks give maximum traction under high-torque riding. This tire enjoys soft loamy and sandy trails, but it is most at home on the cyclocross course.

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“This is the best gravel tire I have ever ridden” —Jake Orness

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