BWR California 2021
Sand 30

Full Waffle

In partnership with the BWR race organizers and previous BWR champions, we have created the perfect tire for BWR California. This is the only tire in the world engineered specifically for the BWR San Diego course. The Serac CX Sand 700x30 has the same oversize diamond file tread as our regular serac, but in a 30mm width that strikes the perfect balance of volume, weight, and grip tuned for the full 131.7 mile Waffle Course with 50 miles of off-road sectors. Of course this tire has X-Guard, our bead-to-bead cut protection layer. You are going to need it when you are ripping through Hodges and Black Canyon with a fast pack. Limited quantities available.

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The wafer is only half as long as the waffle, BUT it is 50% off-road, including all of the roughest and most technical parts of the course. Even though it doesn’t carry the prestige of the full-waffle, there are still fast riders who race the front of the wafer. Because you will be spending so much time around Hodges, Mule Trail, and Sandy Bandy, and you will not be climbing up to Ramona and back, the fast rider at the San Diego Waffle should ride the SeracCX Edge 700x32. This is an easy recommendation. These are the perfect Wafer tires, striking the difficult balance between grip, speed, and durability that you need to perform at your highest level.

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SeracCX Edge


So, you wanna try out this BWR thing, but you aren’t sure you have the appetite for one of the longer distances… We recommend the Boken 700x36. Tough, grippy, and fast, the Boken 36 will get you through the treacheries of the course, wthout adding un-necessary weight.

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BWR North Carolina 2021


The large amount of climbing and 50+ miles of road mean you need the narrowest tire you can get away with. The 50+ miles of rooty trails and gravel roads mean that is a 36mm Boken.

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Wafer & Wanna

For riders competing in either the Wafer or Wanna in North Carolina, we are recommending they size up to the Doublecross 38. This is still a fast tire on the road, but gives you the volume you crave for the off-road sectors.

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BWR Utah 2021
IRC Boken Doublecross

Doublecross 38 or 42

Instead of a road race punctuated by off-road sectors, the Utah course is a gravel race punctuated by paved sectors. The IRC Doublecross was made for this kind of race. It handles incredibly well in the dirt, but still rolls fast on the pavement. Choose the 38mm If you are racing the event. If you are riding but not racing, choose the 42. This recommendation holds no matter the distance; Waffle or Wafer.

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BWR Kansas 2021
IRC Boken Doublecross


With nearly 3/4 of the course off-road, the go-to tire for BWR Kansas is the DoubleCross. This tire was engineered specifically for the terrain in Kansas. Choose the 38mm If you want a little more up-hill speed. Choose the 42 If you want a little more comfort. This recommendation holds no matter the distance; Waffle, Wafer, or Wanna.

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