BWR Tire Guide
IRC Boken Doublecross

Cedar City Utah

130 miles
7860 feet
~75% off-road

DOUBLECROSS 42 (or 38)

The Hell of the South (Utah) is the first true gravel edition of the BWR. The course features a wide range of watt-sucking terrain from deep sand, to chip-seal, to double-track and single-track. You need a tire that can do it all. 

Instead of a road race punctuated by off-road sectors, the Utah course is a gravel race punctuated by paved sectors. The IRC Doublecross was made for this kind of race. It handles incredibly well in the dirt, but still rolls fast on the pavement.

The fastest riders overwhelmingly choose the 42, but the 38 is a great choice for riders who want to save a little weight on their setup.

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Road optimized

The new and improved SERAC CX Edge TLR was designed for use in sand, gravel, and multi-surface riding. The oversize diamond-file tread pattern handles great in the dirt and is still super-fast on the pavement. The 32mm wide TLR tubeless-ready casing gives you that extra cushion and confidence to attack the dirt segments that can make or break your day.

BWR tested and approved, whether you are on gravel, pavement, dirt, or single track this tire performs.

  • Diamond Tread Rolls Fast on Pavement and Hard-Pack
  • Side Knobs Allow For Aggressive Cornering
  • Optional X-Guard Protection Layer  
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Gravel optimized

If you want to optimize your setup for the off-road sectors, which are rougher and more numerous than ever before, choose the Boken 36. The oversized diamond-file tread grips on the hardpack so prevalent in San Diego County, but doesn't slow your roll on the road. The Boken 36 strikes the difficult balance between grip, speed, and durability that you need to perform at your highest level.

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sand 30


If you are an un-curable un-derbiker who wants to run the smallest tire on the un-roads of the BWR, we have a tire for you. The SeracCX Sand 700x30 BWR Edition. This tire was built for those who want to honor the spirit of the BWR by riding their road bike across the Hell of the North (county).

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