Mythos XC

The Mythos XC is an excellent all-round cross-country race tire. Compact and lightweight knobs provide stability on most any terrain and improved control while cornering. A tough 60 TPI casing offers durability and prevents cuts. Available in several sizes with folding or steel wire beads.

Small, Lightweight Blocks

The center and shoulder blocks are purposely small and designed to have two different heights. This keeps the overall tire weight low and maintains ware resistance and durability.

A Winning Tread Design

Similarly shaped center and shoulder blocks combined with taller side blocks give the lightweight Mythos a fast, lively ride feel, as well as amazing cornering grip and high puncture resistance.

Mighty Low-Profile Blocks

Although they may look like nothing special, the low-profile blocks filling the space between the taller blocks provide added grip, as well as increase cut resistance.

N10158 26"x1.95" ARAMID 40–60 525g
N10159 26"x2.1" ARAMID 40–60 595g
N10160 26"x2.25" ARAMID 40–60 610g
N10179 27.5"x2.1" ARAMID 30–50 590g
N10172 29"x2.1" ARAMID 30–50 645g
N10178 29"x2.25" ARAMID 30–50 690g

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