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Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane Team to Ride IRC Tires at the Giro d’Italia

May 08, 2019

Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane

Davis, CA—

The Italian-Japanese, professional continental team, Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane will once again line up at the start of the Giro d’Italia with IRC tires mounted on their bikes.

“IRC Tire has been a long-time supporter of Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane because of their strong commitment to develop Japanese and Italian talent focused on Tokyo 2020 Olympics. We are excited that Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane has been selected to participate in the Giro again this year. IRC’s relationship with the team has been great for the company from both product development and marketing perspectives. The team’s participation in the Giro, one of the world’s most important bicycle races, confirms that IRC tires are up to the task and suit the very demanding needs of professional racers,” said Bruno Suttles, IRC Tire USA marketing manager.

The team will race Italy’s Grand Tour on IRC tires, specially developed for the pro team use.
IRC Tire has been a main sponsor of the team since 2015. The last time Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane was invited to the Giro was 2016. This year’s Giro starts May 11 in Bologna and finishes June 2 in Verona. The team will race in the United States at the Tour of Utah and the US Pro Challenge.

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