Whether you are racing to win, or just trying to survive the day, IRC has a tire for you.

For the elite racer trying to win:

A Tubeless Game-Changer

Don’t let the name fool you. The Formula Pro Tubeless Light is a strong and fast tire. It is IRC’s fastest road tubeless tire. A wider cross-sectional shape provides improved rolling resistance. The extra-wide tread gives you improved sidewall protection and dares you to test the cobbles. This tire is designed for high-speed riding.

The X-Guard version adds a double-layer of bead-to-bead puncture protection.

Formula Pro Light

Formula Pro X-Guard

For the rider trying to push themselves and finish with a personal best:

Fast-rolling traction

As the name implies, the SERAC CX Sand was designed for use in sand and gravel. Featuring an oversize diamond-file tread pattern, The Serac CX Sand handles great in the dirt and is still super-fast on the pavement. The 32mm wide tubeless casing gives you that extra cushion and confidence to attack the dirt segments that can make or break your day. BWR tested and approved, whether you are on gravel, pavement, dirt, or single track this tire performs. The X-Guard version adds a double-layer bead-to-bead puncture protection.

Serac CX Sand

Serac CX Sand X-Guard

For the rider who is in way over their head and is just trying to survive:

Mega-grip for serious extreme GRAVEL RIDING

Ride on gravel, pavement, dirt, single track in the forest, or wherever you want to go. This new generation tire has a diamond-file tread for smooth surfaces while side knobs provide traction and control in softer terrain. This tire can handle whatever you throw at it. Sectors that are a terrifying ordeal on a skinny road tire can be handled with ease on this grippy cushion.