Boken Plus 650


Traction & Speed on Any Surface

The Boken+ is a multi-surface tire with a four part tread for smooth riding performance on any road. Boken+ tires are tubeless-ready, offering the flexibility to run with a tube or without. Running tubeless allows for lower pressures which provides better grip, faster rolling over rough surfaces, and a more comfortable ride.

This tire is available in both 650b and 700c sizes. 

  • Smooth Center Tread For Speed on the Tarmac
  • Inverted Micro-Diamond Pattern For Wet Traction
  • Hollow Centers on Blocks Give Maximum Flex and Grip
  • Ultra-Gummy Compound for Insane Bite on Nasty Obstacles

Tubeless Ready

High-Grip Compound

650x42 ARAMID 40–50 550g
650x47 ARAMID 40–50 590g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Really love these tires! Amazing on the tarmac and dry off-roading. Incredibly supple.

Scott McBride
Surprisingly Good Tire

I bought the IRC Boken Plus 42 650B tires because they were on sale, and I do a lot of mixed surface riding. I'm a long-time cyclist, live in the PNW, and have had hundreds of sets of tires. I would buy these again in a second. I run them tubeless and have 1500 trouble free miles on them. Other tires usually start breaking down at the 1000-mile mark and these show very little signs of wear but are still supple. The amount of traction off pavement is impressive and on the road the tire behaves really well at a wide pressure range. If I'm riding strictly on road, I'll run 50psi if I'm riding off road, I'll run 35psi but found I can go as low as 27psi without hitting the rim. I'm a new IRC fan because of these tires.

Gregory Reeves
Surprising Grip on the rough, Super Comfy on the Smooth

I ride in the SoCal mountains - dry, loose over hard, rocks, bigger rocks, and dust, and it all goes straight up. While I've been running different knobbier tires over the years, I did try ByWays way back when I first got this bike and I was constantly losing traction, so they didn't stay on long. Thought I'd give these a try, and wow the grip is surprising. Thought I'd take it easy first ride but naturally once I got out there I started hammering up my usual chonky climbs and these things really stick. You'd never think it from looking at 'em. Then on the smooth and pavement you just float--comfy. Recommended.