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“You may want to bump up your gearing because you’re going to be cruising quicker than ever with the Siren Pro.” — Sam Willoughby

Sam Willoughby

Designed by World Champion Sam Willoughby

Our goal was to make the lightest fastest rolling tire in BMX. The Siren's unique subtle “coke bottle” shape allows for minimal ground contact when rolling in a straight line along with IRCs special fast rolling compound this tire rolls like no other. We understand that BMX requires exceptional grip when turning and out of the starting gate though. So we had to fine tune the side tread to something that had many small rigid grooves that could bite without flex on any style of starting gate grid.

The tires tread also wraps around a little further than most to allow for more tread when turning harder and tighter.

This tire gives you the ability to run lower pressure to allow for more grip and smoother ride yet still roll faster than the rest. It’s Tubeless capable rigid sidewalls also give you the ability to run up to 100psi but you may want to bump that gearing up because you're going to be cruising along Quicker than ever with those higher pressures. 

Innovative tread design

Center slick design for gaining maximum speed

Super-narrow gaps in the center tread grip the start gate without flexing

Wider gaps on the shoulder provide max grip when cornering

Supple 120 TPI shaped casing

Siren pro Tread
Alise Willoughby


The high pressure tubeless casing means you can optimize your tire pressure for any track. On a rough uneven surface you can lower the PSI for faster rolling over bumps and better grip. On a smooth surface you can pump it up to 100PSI for ultra-low rolling resistance.