Serac CX Sand 30 (BWR EDITION)


In partnership with the BWR race organizers and previous BWR champions, we have created the perfect tire for BWR California. This is the only tire in the world engineered specifically for the BWR San Diego course. The SeracCX Sand 700x30 has the same oversize diamond file tread as our regular SeracCX Sand 32, but in a 30mm width that strikes the perfect balance of volume, weight, and grip tuned for the full 131.7 mile Waffle Course with 50 miles of off-road sectors. Of course this tire has X-Guard, our bead-to-bead cut protection layer. You are going to need it when you are ripping through Hodges and Black Canyon with a fast pack. 


This tire is Tubeless and may be run without liquid sealant.


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