Formula Pro Tubeless RBCC Hookless Rim Compatible


Wider Tread = Improved Puncture Resistance

We added a wider tread to all our Formula Pro Tubeless tires to better protect the casing and improve puncture resistance and boost durability. With improved sidewall protection and handling, this tire begs to be ridden over pavé and gravel.

These tires are available in hooked or hookless compatible options. Hookless tires can be used on both hooked or hookless wheels/rims. Hooked tires can only be used with hooked wheels/rims.

RBCC: IRC’s Grippiest tire!

Formula Pro Tubeless RBCC is newly formulated with our high grip compound, RBCC², to ensure serious grip capability while having improved wear life.

700x25C Hookless
73–115 275g
RBCC 700x28C Hookless 73-100 310g
RBCC 700X30C Hookless 65-90 340g


  • TUBELESS: Lighter overall weight than a tire + tube, with lower rolling resistance and no pinch flats
  • NATURAL RUBBER INNER-AIR SEAL: Prevents air leakage
  • 180 TPI CASING: Strong and supple with a sublime road-feel
  • NEW RBCC 2: Newly innovated RBCC 2gives serious grip in all road conditions
  • DISC BRAKE APPROVED: Specially engineered casing and bead protection makes the tire compatible with disc brakes
  • BEAD PROTECTION: Gives extra protection against bead hooks, and also an air tight seal when mounted properly
  • HOOKLESS: Hookless rim compatible
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