Formula Pro HL TLR S-Light


super light, super fast, race tire!

After a decade of manufacturing true Tubeless tires (without liquid sealant required), we wanted to squeeze out as much weight as possible. To achieve the game changing weight reduction we adopted a Tubeless Ready (TLR) system for our Formula Pro Super Light (S-Light). 

Formula Pro S-Light Tubeless Ready is a 2 ply tire for lightness with no puncture protection belt. It's constructed with our newly formulated high grip compound, RBCC², to combine incredible grip with improved wear life.

These tires are available in hooked or hookless compatible options. Hookless tires can be used on both hooked or hookless wheels/rims. Hooked tires can only be used with hooked wheels/rims.

S-Light HL 700x25  Hookless  73-115 220g
S-Light HL 700x28  Hookless  73-100 255g
S-Light HL 700x30  Hookless  65-90 275g
S-Light H 700x25 Hooked 90-115  220g
S-Light H 700x28 Hooked 80-100 262g
S-Light H 700x30 Hooked 65-90 282g


  • TUBELESS READY: May be used with or without an inner tube
  • 180 TPI CASING: Strong and supple with a sublime road-feel
  • SUPER LIGHT: New lighter construction makes faster and more supple riding performance
  • NEW RBCC 2: Newly innovated RBCC 2gives serious grip in all road conditions
  • DISC BRAKE APPROVED: Specially engineered casing and bead protection makes the tire compatible with disc brakes
  • BEAD PROTECTION: gives extra protection against bead hooks, and also an air tight seal when mounted properly
  • HOOKLESS: Hookless rim compatible

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Customer Reviews

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Argon Tron
Fast, light, and confident for a big rider

I have been enjoying my sprints, climbing, and descending around corners with these tires. They are very comfortable and I am a heavyweight running 25" tubeless!